Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

The Case of the Multiplying SFPA Members

Today I spent the entire day at World Con. Although there was no formal poetry programming, I still managed to fit plenty of poetry into my day.

I spent most of the morning wandering through the dealer room where I ran into my first fellow SFPA member of the day, Kendall Evans. The two of us then ran into Drew Morse outside the Wildside Press table, where we met Sean Wallace.

Kendall Evans, Sean Wallace, Drew Morse

Drew told me that Tim Pratt was around the corner wearing a lime green t-shirt and looking at books, but I didn't see anyone who fit that description. I looked closely at all men wearing green t-shirts the rest of the day but didn't actually find Tim until 10 minutes before the dealer room closed at the Asimov's SF table. As I was about to leave the Dealer's room for lunch, I ran into Denise Dumars.

I went to the Geoffrey Landis reading, which turned out to be an hour's worth of listening to Geoff read his poems. He's a good reader and his poems ranged from witty and outrageously funny to thoughtful, moving pieces. My favorite of the poems he read was "Gulliver's Boots" from a 2001 issue of Asimov's which tackled the mathematical concept of exponentials.

I then manned the SFPA table for awhile where I was joined by Vanessa Van Wagner, then went to a panel on Star Trek New Voyages with D.C. Fontana, Michael Reeves, and Marc Scott Zicree. Fontana spoke about her script that was filmed with Walter Koenig which will be premiered at a Star Trek convention on September 8, 2006, the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, and then will be available as a free download. Zicree will begin filming an episode with George Takei, written by Michael Reeves, in September with a tentative January 2007 download release date. All of this is being done with the actors, stunt people, special effects people, donating their time, without official licensing by Paramount. Paramount is allowing it to continue as long as no money is being made.

A group of SFPA members met at the Oasis, a Hilton lobby restaurant, for dinner. Present were ravenelectrick and hubby,samhenderson,Drew Morse, Denise Dumars, Mary Turzillo, Geoff Landis, Kendall Evans, and myself.

Drew Morse, Samantha Henderson, Mary Turzillo, Geoff Landis, Kendall Evans
Debbie Kolodji, Karen Romanko

Denise Dumars, Debbie Kolodji, Drew Morse, Sam Henderson

Afterwards all of us except Geoff went upstairs to a Podcast Party where we met up with s.c. virtes and UK resident Richard Stevenson and recorded SF poetry podcasts. Unfortunately, Karen and Bob left the party before the podcasts were made.

Karen Romanko, Debbie Kolodji, Scott Virtes, Sam Henderson

It was like having a second sf poetry reading, except that this time we were all crammed into the bedroom of a hotel suite. I'll post the details when the podcasts are available for download.

pod cast
no one reads a poem
about the body snatchers
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