Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

American Haiku Archives

Just a quick note about the American Haiku Archives which are housed at the California State Library in Sacramento.

I missed the June 23rd tour which was part of the Haiku Society of America Quarterly Meeting I attended on June 24th.

All who went on the tour was impressed, by both the archival methods and the extent of the collection. The HSA has voted to let the American Haiku Archives keep the official society records.

Basically, the American Haiku Archives is interested in anything having to do with haiku in America. So, if you publish a haiku chapbook or produce a haiku greeting card, they’d like a copy. If you do a haiku reading, they’d be interested in the publicity flyer for the event. If you have a local haiku group that meets regularly, they’d be interested in your group meeting notes or group scrapbook.

If your item is an official HSA document, it should be sent to the HSA secretary to be sent to the archives, but otherwise, click
here for the link for the donation form to send with your donations.
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