Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

artsy commuter flights

June seems to be my month of artsy commuter flights.

Last weekend, I flew to Sacramento to hear my son sing Carmina Burana.

Tomorrow, I'm flying to Seattle for a weekend of poetry and sight-seeing with a couple of haiku/cinquain poets. (This was a treat I gave myself by redeeming miles for a free flight!)

On the 24th, I'm flying to Sacramento for the day. I'm attending the Haiku Society of America quarterly meeting at the Gekkeikan Sake factory in Folsom. I was originally going to drive, but when I looked at the cost of gas, plus the cost of two hotel nights, plus two days of driving for a one day event, that one hour flight seemed a lot more economical at $59 each way!

I'm really excited about it, especially since I'll finally have the chance to meet Garry Gay, who invented the rengay, a poetry form of which I've had some modest success...

In addition to Garry Gay's rengay workshop, Fay Aoyagi and Margaret Chula will be conducting workshops on haiku and haibun respectively.
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