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”Southwest Mars”, a rengay I wrote with Ann K Schwader went online a couple days ago at Astropoetica:

This is one of several I’ve written with Ann and I’m very satisfied with the way this one came out. I discovered a NASA press release about the discovery of dust devils on Mars and shared it with Ann, then the two of us conceived of doing a poem on the general theme of Mars as compared to the American Southwest, and our rengay, “Southwest Mars” was born.

The first rengay I wrote with Ann, “Minions of the Moon”, was published last summer at Strange Horizons:

This one came about after a “Name that Anthology” discussion at sfpanet. The SFPA e-mail list was brainstorming names for the Rhysling winners anthology which was eventually called The Alchemy of Stars. ( - well worth ordering, by the way!)

During the brainstorming session, it was suggested that perhaps there were some Shakespeare quotes we could use as a title, so I did some digging into my Shakespeare and came up with “Minions of the Moon” from the prologue of Henry IV: Part One:

“..let us be Diana's foresters, gentlemen of the shade, minions of the Moon;… Falstaff, from Henry IV: Part One.

When “Minions of the Moon” was not used as the Rhysling Winners Anthology title, it just seemed to be too good of a title to not use somehow. Ann and I decided to write a rengay on themes suggested by “Minions of the Moon”, and our “Strange Horizons” published rengay was born.

I discovered the rengay form a few years ago when I was spending time hanging out at the “Renku Palace”, a former yahoogroup established for the purpose of writing collaborative Japanese linked verse.

My very first rengay was “A Summer Funeral”, which I wrote with UK haiku poet, John Carley. It was published in the February 2003 issue of Lynx: (scroll down)

For more information on the rengay form, check out:

Or, if you happen to be in Port Townsend, WA tonight, Garry Gay is giving a workshop on rengay writing at Haiku North America:
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