Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Poetic Diversity

My poem, In the Laboratory, is now online at Poetic Diversity.

I love the title of this journal - it's a good fit for my feelings about poetry. I simply like most all types and forms of poetry. I dabble in some more forms and types than others but that changes with the years. For example, I had a definite sonnet period in my life and I still enjoy them but they just take too long for me to write. I wrote nothing but science fiction poetry in the mid-1990's but then wrote almost no sf poetry for about five years, but that has changed again and I'm writing more and more speculative work. Right now, the mix is about 1/2 haiku/tanka/cinquain, 1/3 sf, and 1/6 everything else. Next month, the mix might be different.

Haiku and cinquains, though, have become such an integral part of me that I doubt that will change, but instead they'll continue to influence my forays into longer work.

Poetic Diversity is a Los Angeles based journal, and I think it's important to support local poetry in a poet's home town.
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