Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Sea Lions

On Friday, after moving Yvette into her dorm, Desiree, Jennifer, and I went down to the ocean. Unfortunately, it was dark before we got there, but we still got out of our car and walked along Santa Cruz’s Cliff Drive. Jennifer was fascinated by the barking sounds of sea lions in the distance, so I decided to drive to the wharf so she could get a better look. (The sea lions seem to enjoy sleeping and relaxing on the crossbeams underneath the wharf).

Because it was dark, we couldn’t see them very well, but we learned if we pointed the digital camera in their general direction, the flash would light them up enough so we could see them better. As we left the wharf, we promised we’d bring her back during the day so she could see them by daylight.

So, one of the last things we did before driving back to Southern California was to go back to the Santa Cruz Wharf to get a better look at the sea lions. We were not disappointed – we saw at least forty of them, some were sleeping, resting on the cross beams, some were raising their heads, some were barking, and some were in the water –swimming around the wharf, diving for food, and jumping out of the water to try to get back on the wharf crossbeams.

We also think we saw a sea otter offshore between the wharf and the boardwalk.

The end result of all this is that we managed to make our trip educational for Jennifer (who is being home schooled this year) as I gathered ideas for future poems and haiku, Desiree got a break from the hospital, and Yvette moved into her new home for four years.

Seaside Moon ( , ISBN: 1-893823-17-2) is probably not my last ocean-themed haiku chapbook!
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