Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

More Shasei

A review of Seaside Moon is online at the Modern Haiku website.

Click here and scroll for the review. It's actually a review of the four winners of the 2004–05 Virgil Hutton Chapbook Contest and includes a mention of Seaside Moon.

The two sentences about my chapbook are sort of lukewarm IMO, it's not a bad review, but I get the feeling that the reviewer (probably Lee Gurga?) wasn't particularly enamored of my locally-inspired haiku of Southern California, perhaps hoping for something of more interest globally.

He says, "Her style is more shasei than the previous two poets, and many work well."
Modern Haiku, Spring 2006

Ironically enough a few months back, the monthly Shiki kukai decided to forgo the usual contest in favor of challenging participants to write haiku in the shasei style. I then had to read up a bit on Shiki and the "slice of life" style of haiku that is considered "shasei" and wasn't sure I had it right.

And now I find out that it's apparently been my style all along...

Ironically, the haiku quoted in the review is one of the very few haiku in the book that I didn't actually live, that wasn't an actual honest-to-goodness slice of MY own life....

Black’s Beach
red-faced by the location
of her sunburn

Deborah P Kolodji
Seaside Moon, Saki Press, June 2005

Truthfully, I've never been to Black's Beach, or any nude beach, for that matter...but let's keep it our secret.

(I've been told that you can't write fall shasei haiku in the spring because then it wouldn't actually be spring when you wrote it, so it would seem that never having been to a nude beach would be a disadvantage if it's to be considered a shasei piece).
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