Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Never remove contact lenses after chopping jalapeños....

Just thought I'd offer an important safety tip from personal experience, NEVER, NEVER remove soft contact lenses immediately after chopping a jalapeño pepper!

Tonight, I had the brilliant idea to cook posole. This turned out to be a hellish ordeal (even though I must say that the resulting soup was excellent!). First, Albertson's had absolutely no cilantro in their produce department, which meant I had to make an extra trip to Ralph's for a 27 cent bundle of cilantro. Then, neither store had any fresh poblano peppers, which meant that I decided to substitute a can of chopped chiles. (However,the fact that I didn't need to roast the pepper, peel it, and discard seeds & membrane did buy back a little of the time I lost looking for the cilantro.).

But, the real problem came because I decided to remove my contact lenses while the posole was simmering on the stove. Even though I triple-washed my hands, that jalapeño pepper was incredibly strong because I've never had my eyes burn so much in my life! In the future, if I feel a need to remove my contact lenses after chopping another jalapeño, I'm going to wash my hands about twenty times and wait a minimum of two or three hours.

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