Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Love on the Rocks

I’ve always had this secret passion for geology. In junior high, I actually built a seismograph which recorded the 1973 Point Magu earthquake. My amateur seismograph recording was more of a squiggle mark than what you probably picture in your mind when you think of a seismograph reading. My seismograph’s pen went wild during the earthquake because the pendulum with the pen on it was allowed too much side to side motion in addition to vertical motion, but for a thirteen year old kid, it was very, very cool. I ended up winning a national science essay contest and a prize at the Los Angeles County Science Fair that year, but I digress.

Ted Kooser’s current column at American Life in Poetry showcases a poem by Robert King called Geology, where King compares love to the geological forces behind ordinary rocks. I like the way he sets up the extended metaphor of the second stanza by building the geological framework in the first stanza. I’ve always enjoyed poems which explore the nature of relationships within the framework of geological images, having written several of this genre myself.

There’s something very sexy about the forces of the earth.
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