Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

The slush pile....

I'm still slogging through my Amaze slush pile, although now I'm looking for things for Amaze #8, which will go online in May. I'm proud to report that I'm almost to the end of my submission backlog.

Today, I read 63 cinquains and accepted...


Although there were quite a few near-misses, I must say that I'm beginning to think that the reason some of the editor-members of the SFPA were so opposed to the short-short Rhysling Award proposal was because they really haven't read enough quality short-short poetry, probably having been burned by some short short poem stinkers in their submission piles. It appears to me that a poet who specializes in short-short poetry probably doesn't think of Mythic Delirium or MSP as the first markets to send their incredibly excellent short-short poem, even though Kendall Evan's two-liner from Dwarf Stars was first published at MD and Roger has published scifaiku and other short short poems of mine over the years.

When I open my editorial e-mail for Amaze and it's from someone new, all bets are off - I've read some of the most incredible cinquains from people I've never, ever heard of and some of the absolute worst. After too many of the really, really bad ones in a row, I become almost afraid to open my e-mail. That's when I want to call it a night, although it would be my luck to miss the best cinquain ever in the next e-mail.

The bulk of the submissions lies between these two extremes - many of the ones I reject are quite good, just not what I'm looking for at the moment. One advantage to setting Amaze up as a paying journal is that I'm finding it helps me decide on the ones that I like but not sure I like enough. Now, I just ask myself, "Do I like it enough to pay for it?" and the answer is a lot clearer.
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