Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

5 day Poetry Challenge

Recently, there's been a 5 day poetry challenge going around Facebook.

Both Greg Longenecker, who is in the latest New Resonance anthology from Red Moon Press and who edited our local haiku anthology for three years, and Susan Burch, a haiku poet who recently discovered scifaiku, challenged me to post a haiku a day for five days.

I read through some of my published haiku and came up with the following selection:

Day 1:

thistles in bloom
Grandmother's needle
threaded with purple

from World Haiku Review 2-2, Summer 2002

Day 2:

just me
and a watercolor sea
beach primrose

from Geppo, Sept/Oct 2010
2nd Place, Asilomar kukai

Day 3:

our footprints
on separate beaches
the pull of tides

from This World, 2013 HSA Anthology

Day 4:

another coffee break
by the bird feeder

from Frogpond 36:2, 2013

Day 5:

morning glory vines
a coil of barbed wire
on the fence top

from Altadena Poetry Review, Anthology 2015

All haiku (c) Deborah P Kolodji

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