Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

NaHaiWriMo - "L" words

A year ago last December, I was a prompter for NaHaiWriMo, where I used math and science as my muse. However, in January, the NaHaiWriMo community embarked upon a two year two month adventure of using the alphabet to select the prompts. ("A" prompts for January 2014, "B" prompts for February, etc.). This somehow killed my muse and I found myself participating less.

It seems I respond better to haiku prompts that engage my senses beyond a simple word. Somehow, a prompt of "apple" in the context of a list of prompts about food, stimulates my creative juices more than a prompt of "apple" in the context of a list of words that start with "a". I'm not quite sure why this should be, but it's the way my particular haiku muse seems to work. Nature walks, yes! Tons of haiku result. Travel, yes! Even more haiku in my journal! Alphabetical prompts, not so much.

However, this is my own personal poetic journey, and others seem to be enjoying the alphabet-inspired prompts.

To mix it up a bit, I've decided to try to work with the "l" prompts this month. I've also decided to try to make them all about travel. It's the early morning hours of December 7th, and I've written two so far. December 1st's prompt was "library" and the 2nd's was lavender.

third book
in my laptop case
missed flight

lavender soap
from Phoenix Sky Harbor
our fight before take-off

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