Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Is there a Tie-Breaker Vote Out There?

Today, I received word that the SFPA vote for the proposed Short-Short Rhysling Award ended in a tie. 60 members voted, with 30 votes for each.

Unless a properly postmarked vote shows up in the near future, the organization is planning to do a revote, probably with the July/Aug issue.

I don't know whether to hope for a tie-breaking vote, lost somewhere in USPS routing, or not. To win or lose by one vote doesn't really settle the issue. Obviously, there are people out there who care about short-short poetry and think a separate category makes a lot of sense. However, surprisingly to me, there is an equal number of people out there who disagree. I've tried to understand where they are coming from, but as much as I've tried to get my mind around the con argument, I just don't see why it isn't obvious to everyone that a very short poem like a scifaiku or cinquain is so inherently different from a 45 line so-called "short poem" that it makes absolutely no sense to judge them in the same category. *sigh*

So, where does this leave us?


(No matter what side we're on.)
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