Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Poems in Abyss & Apex

As Eric pointed out a couple of days ago in a comment to my blog entry called "Crop Circles," I have a series of poems online now in the new issue of Abyss & Apex.

Aleta had asked for poems in an exotic locale, so I sent her, for the most part, poems about Mars:

three untitled scifaiku

Excess on Mars

Sojourn on Mars, a renku written with ushi.

The issue is filled with some great poetry in general, with poems by Karen Romanko, Rachel Swirsky, s.c. virtes, Julia Sevin, Samantha Henderson, and Rich Magahiz.

I spent a good part of the day today trying to get caught up with Amaze, which, alas, I've neglected during my short-short Rhysling Award campaign. My submission backlog is now less than one hundred.....

...ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall...
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