Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

A Cinquain for The Shantytown Anomaly

My cinquain, "No Gene Kelly On Mars" has been accepted for The Shantytown Anamoly, Issue #2.

This is officially my first sale of 2006.

J put a nice note in the acceptance letter about the short-short Rhysling Vote, saying that regardless of what happens, he felt my campaign got more people involved in the SFPA, which is a good thing. I don't know if that's true or not, but I have met some people I would have never met if I hadn't done the short-short Rhysling campaign and Dwarf Stars.

Speaking of the short-short Rhysling campaign - there's still time to VOTE! The deadline for ballots is January 14th, so get them in the mail to Bud Webster!
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