Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Of Carols and Christmas

Last night, I attended two Midnight Masses in Los Angeles. Fortunately, one was rescheduled for 8 pm so I didn't need to find a time machine. The first was at Loyola High School, where both sons graduated and where my daughter used to sing in the choir. The second was at St Paul the Apostle Church in West LA, where my oldest son currently sings in the choir.

From a musical perspective, the St Paul mass was a gorgeous celebration of Christmas music. There was a nice mix of classical works and European carols performed by the choir as well as familiar carols for the congregation to sing. The director, Christopher Walker, is amazing. When the choir sang parts of Handel's Messiah, they were so powerful and sounded much larger than their 20 voices. Walker is also a composer and his name can be found all over an OSP (Oregon Sacred Press) hymnal or misselette. His most widely known work is the Celtic Alleluia that can be heard in Catholic churches all over the world on a fairly regular basis.

Although I was originally a bit resistive to the idea of attending two Masses in the middle of the night which would require so much driving around Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, I must say that the Mass at St Paul's was everything a Midnight Mass should be.

Inspired by this, tonight after Christmas dinner, we had a carol sing-along by the fireplace. We all had a great time, even if we did get a bit messed up when we tried to do a Silent Night/Night of Silence round. The "Night of Silence"-singing family members seemed to be about a measure ahead of where they were supposed to be to blend in properly with the "Silent Night"-singing family members.

The St Paul the Apostle choir we are not, even if we do have one of the choir members in our midst...

Midnight Mass
Handel's Messiah
fills the church
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