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Looking Back: WorldCon (August 9th)

It was hard to leave Ottawa. Somehow the suitcase/laptop case/backpack/purse had become a heavier suitcase/laptop case/backpack/purse/tote bag/HNA bag combo. I started looking ahead to how I was going to get all this stuff on the plane and felt overwhelmed.

Then Amal El-Mohtar breezed into the lobby of the Crown Plaza with her dazzling smile and youthful energy. I felt my own years fall away….I was going to WorldCon!

unexpected grin
before my first cup of coffee
summer dawn

Amal’s mother drove and her aunt brought a bag of homemade yummy snacks. Amal, her friend Caitlyn, and I squeezed into the backseat and we all chatted. The two hour drive to Montreal was over before I knew it.

Caitlyn Paxson, Amal El-Mohtar, Deborah P Kolodji

First on my agenda was the speculative haiku panel, “The Universe in Three Lines.” I was the moderator and Janet McNaughton and Anne Whiston Spirn were the two other panelists.

Janet McNaughton, Deborah P Kolodji, Anne Whiston Spirn

I started off by handing out Josh Gage’s brochure and gave an overview of haiku with both mainstream and speculative examples. Janet talked about researching haiku when writing The Raintree Rebellion and about a haiku workshop she took with Emiko Miyashita in Newfoundland. Anne, a landscape architect, presented some slides of her designs and talked about how she uses haiku to help visualize the landscapes. This led to a fascinating discussion about how haiku could be used by fantasy and science fiction writers to help better visualize the landscapes of the worlds they create.

After sitting in on part of Catherynne Valente’s panel and eating lunch with Amal and Caitlyn it was time for the Rhysling Award presentation:

Unfortunately, most of the SFPA members had conflicts, so we didn’t draw the crowd I was hoping for. Former Rhysling Award winner Joe Haldeman, for example, had a coffee klatch two doors down the hall from us.

Joe Haldeman, Deborah P Kolodji
(Note: Joe is currently in the ICU at a hospital in Cincinnati. Please pray for him)

Afterwards, I had tea with Carolyn Clink, her brother and fellow poet David Clink, and Geoff Landis.

Deborah P Kolodji, David Clink, Carolyn Clink, Geoff Landis

I walked through the Dealer’s Room where I met Sandra Kasturi, who had published me years and years ago in ChiZine. This was so long ago that the archives are no longer even online. It was great to finally meet in person.

So many books and so many authors. So little room in my carry on baggage.

a favorite author
shows me his pens
August autograph

Time slipped away and soon it was time to meet up with Amal, Caitlyn, Catherynne, et al, for dinner on a rooftop in Old Montreal. At the time, I didn’t even notice the poetic coincidence in the name of the restaurant since the menu logo was written like this:


and I didn’t connect the dots.

no wings
in my smoked duck salad
sky terrace
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