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Deborah P Kolodji

Looking Back – Haiku North America (August 7th)

Ginko walks always jump-start my creativity. So, it's probably not coincidental that August 7th was the only day of Haiku North America I blogged about on the day it happened:

At 9:00 a.m., we met in the lobby of the Crown Plaza Hotel. Guy Simser was our fearless leader and tour guide.

Guy Simser

Since the speculative haiku presentation and the Bruce Ross haibun talk opposite it were the first scheduled events in the Library and Archives for that day, I thought briefly about just staying in the hotel and prepping. But, the lure of Ottawa was too great.

morning walk
afternoon stress disappears
before it arrives

Ottawa kept calling to my photographer’s eye, so my pen was quieter than usual. At one point, I was busy framing a shot of the Centre Block building as Guy was talking about the sights. He suddenly pointed to something behind me and suddenly everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t have planned it better.

DeVar Dahl’s Hawaiian shirt, Fay Aoyagi, Emiko Miyashita, Luce Pelletier, David Lanoue, Ian Marshall (profile behind David), ?, Guy Simser, Deb Koen, Gary Gay, Bill Pauley, top of Kaoru Fujimoto’s head, Charles Trumbull

As we waited for the ceremony to begin, Lenard Moore started to make room for new photos on his camera card. John Stevenson and I offered suggestions.

John Stevenson, Lenard Moore

changing of the guard
he asks me which photos
to delete.

Ian pointed out that the building has a face!

During the ceremony, one of the soldiers just fell over on the grass. No one else missed a step. The medics took him (or her) away so fast that if you looked away for a minute or two, you wouldn’t have seen it.

cloud shift
the young soldier
on a stretcher

Far too soon, it was time for me to grab some lunch, and go back to set up. So, I reluctantly left the group at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

Charles Trumbull

Naia has also posted a wonderful account of this day and my speculative haiku presentation:
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