Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

The Short-Short Poems of 2004

My motion to create a Short-Short Poem category in the SFPA annual Rhysling Awards has been seconded and will be up for a vote later this year.

Since many have voiced concerns that not enough high-quality short-short poetry is being produced to warrant such a category, I've decided to produce a little sampling from 2004 in booklet/leaflet form which will be sent to the SFPA voting membership.

One short poem isn't going to convince anyone, but I think if I can come up with a representative sample of high quality short-short poems that were published in 2004, that the collective effect of these poems seen together may, at the very least, dispel the notion that there aren’t enough poems out there.

So, I need your help. Please send me suggestions of short-short poems from 2004 that you think would have been worthy of a short-short Rhysling Award. I will need the title, author, publication, publication date, and author’s permission or contact information. The poem should be from 1-9 lines long.

Since this isn't an official award or nomination, just a sample, one person may nominate as many poems as they like, including their own work. I have some poems in mind, but I don't subscribe to every journal that may have published a short-short genre poem last year. I don't want to overlook something completely brilliant I didn't happen to see.

I’d also like to see a variety of poets and publications represented. Thanks in advance for your help on this project. Please feel free to use your time machines so that I can have this information by...yesterday?

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