Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Simply Haiku

A new issue of Simply Haiku went up last week. Richard Gilbert is the new haiku editor. Among other things, Richard maintains the Gendai Haiku website, a website of contemporary Japanese haiku.

ankh_hpl pointed out to me that this issue of Simply Haiku contains a retrospective section in eleven themes which contains reprints of Simply Haiku poems from earlier issues, including two of mine and one of Ann's.

One of mine is in the Place theme along with haiku by Fay Aoyagi, Shane Bartlett, Jason Sanford Brown, Borivoj Bukva, L. Teresa Church, Dina Cox, Susan Delphine Delaney, Garry Eaton, Tateo Fukutomi, Michael Garofalo, Clyde Glandon, William Higginson, Dennis Michael Holmes, Francis Masat, Fredua-Agyeman Nana, Carol Raisfeld, Gabriel Rosenstock, Bruce Ross, Dave Russo, Kevin Ryan, David Serjeant, Dietmar Tauchner, Robert Wilson, and Miyako Yamada.

The other is in the Mythos section along with haiku by Fay Aoyagi, Natssuishi Ban'ya, Casimiro de Brito, Ellen Compton, André Duhaime, Chris Eichenberger, Lorin Ford, Tateo Fukutomi, Michael Garofalo, Jack Glamitz, Ruth Holzer, Doreen King, Francis Masat, Emiko Miyashita, Graham Nunn, Gabriel Rosenstock, Slavica Savli, Patrick Sweeney, Robert Wilson, Ikuyo Yoshimura, and Jadran Zalokar.

Other themes are Dialect, Techne,Direction, Distinction, Dyad, Literary Society, Tensity, and Season (which includes Ann's haiku).
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