Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Winter issue of Simply Haiku

The Winter 2005 issue of Simply Haiku is online now and contains a page of my haiku.

I also have one senryu on the senryu page (scroll down to the divorce section to find it) which originally appeared in Susumu Takiguchi's monthly "Go-Shichi-Go" column in the Daily Yomiuri. The "Go-Shichi-Go" appearance of this senryu is no longer online because Susumu's column is only online for one week when it appears. On the week of the month that his column is online, it can be found by first clicking English at the top right corner, then scrolling down to the "language connection" on the left and clicking on Go-Shichi-Go.

This is just as well because Susumu annotates his haiku or senryu selections and he had a rather humorous, though embarrassing, misunderstanding of my intent. He thought I was trying to say my underwear was skimpier after the divorce and made a comment in his column to the effect that maybe I wouldn't be divorced if I had worn skimpier lingerie earlier. I actually intended the senryu to mean that my lingerie drawer was skimpier after the divorce because I no longer had a need for skimpy lingerie since I didn't currently have a man in my life.

lingerie drawer
after the divorce

Deborah P Kolodji
First appeared in Go-Shichi-Go Column, Daily Yomiuri, August 10, 2004

Meanwhile, my son pretended to be alarmed at the fact that four of his friends, recent graduates of UCLA, are going to Japan to teach English. He told me that he really didn't want his friends to read about my lingerie in a Japanese newspaper....
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