February 28th, 2015

Egrets Reading

NaHaiWriMo prompts: Nominate and Narrow

February 26 prompt: Narrow

layers of red
draw us in deeper . . .
Zion Narrows

February 27 prompt: Nominate

for best customer service
quarter-end moon

It's interesting how prompts can trigger memories. When I saw the prompt "narrow," which Michael Dylan Welch had intended to be used as a verb, all I could think of was Zion National Park and how Yvette and I started hiking into the Narrows, but we needed to hike back out to catch a Shakespeare Play in Cedar City. But, the view kept getting better and better the more we walked in, so it was hard to turn away and leave. We made a promise to go back and hike the Narrows. One day, huh?

No matter what company I've worked for, we've always had these quarter-end results meetings, which is all I could think of, beyond Presidential nominations, for the word "nominate."