February 6th, 2015

Egrets Reading

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Haiku Contest entries

Chipotle Mexican Grill decided to have a haiku contest, starting at 10 am yesterday and ending at midnight, where people were supposed to tweet and facebook their entries, then the winners would be selected from among those with the most retweets and likes.

There were a couple of challenges. It was difficult to "find" people's tweets because the tweets to the corporate twitter feed were hidden from view, so it was only possible to retweet tweets from people you knew and hashtags you used.

On the facebook side, there was even more chaos - people posted to the comments of the contest announcement instead of to the "wall." It was hard to find where to read the posts by other people besides Chipotle Mexican Grill on that wall, and when you did find it, you could only view about 10 posts at a time which made it tedious to read them.

And, of course, most fell into that range of pseudo-haiku, hundreds of 5-7-5 fingernail scratches on the blackboards of a reader's mind.

That said, Sean, Yvette, and I had fun with it and came up with some haiku. Some friends from the haiku and speculative poetry communities joined in - Michael Dylan Welch, Adrienne J. Odasso, Stevie Strang, Denise Dumars, Johnny Baranski, Seretta Martin, and Miya Rollinger.

Here are mine:

February day
two scoops of guacamole
on my burrito

sour cream dollops--
smoky taste of chipotle
as she rolls her r's

-Deborah P Kolodji