February 5th, 2015

Egrets Reading

Coatless in New England

My response to today's prompt was inspired by an incident from my business travel life in December, 2013. I had an early morning flight to Boston and it was your typical Southern California winter day, maybe as warm as 75 degrees. The concept of a coat wasn't even on the radar. So, to avoid forgetting my coat, I dug it out of closet and hung it in the doorway of my bedroom.

So, the alarm rings, my daughter and I get in the car and start driving to the airport. While I'm unpacking my suitcase from the trunk at the airport, I realize I don't have a coat.

I don't have a coat and I'm flying to Boston and it is December.

As I stand by the curb, stunned, Yvette panics and says, "I'll drive home and get it!" But, I'm looking at the time and my plane is taking off in a little over an hour, and there is no possible way she can drive home, retrieve my coat, and return to the airport before I board the plane.

New England no coat dec
Scarf made by Joshua Gage

February 5: nonstop

December nonstop
to Boston
forgotten coat

-Deborah P Kolodji

In other news, if you live in Southern California, discover the warmth of blooming aloe in a ginko walk this Saturday at the Los Angles Arboretum, starting at 10 am.

Also, the 2014 Haiku Society of America Member's Anthology, Take-Out Window, is
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