December 27th, 2014

Egrets Reading

The Hobbit Weekend

It was the weekend before Christmas, and while everybody else was at the mall shopping, I was watching the three Hobbit movies.

I woke up on Saturday and made a beeline for my friends' house, where Denis and Jill and I watched the first movie (in 3D!) before the rengay workshop I was conducting for our local haiku group.

Then, after a really fun workshop, I drove back to Denis and Jill's to watch the second Hobbit movie (also in 3D)

Then, on Sunday we took the Metro to Hollywood to watch the 3rd in 3D at the Chinese Theatre.

Great fun, although I admit to a brief moment of sadness when we passed the Robin Williams star on the sidewalk, which is located between the Hollywood and Highland metro stop and the Chinese Theatre.

cement handprints
a teenager doesn't recognize
the names