April 24th, 2014

Egrets Reading

Have White Board, Will Travel....

I've been a long-time fan of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, starting from the time my son Sean was an undergraduate student at UCLA.  When the festival moved to my alma mater, USC, I was happy because (1) it was closer to my house, (2) parking was easier, (3) the campus is more friendly to elderly people who can't deal with hills, so I could take the ultimate super-bookworm in my family, my mother, to the festival and (4) if I wanted to, I had the option of taking public transportation and not dealing with parking at all!

Last year, was especially fun because I, along with Naia and Sean, ran a haiku booth, which was a combined Haiku North America, Haiku Society of America, and a Southern California Haiku Study Group Booth.   I totally enjoyed talking about haiku to passer-byers and we had several impromptu haiku workshops.

This year, now that the Southern California Haiku North America conference is over, we didn't have a booth and I found I was really missing it.  Fortunately, Kaya Press, our booth next door neighbor last year, asked me to do a haiku workshop in their booth, which was a lot of fun.

So, if anyone finds they need an impromptu haiku workshop - I have a white board - just let me know when and where, and if it works for me, I'd love to do it.