December 8th, 2013

Egrets Reading

December 8th prompt: force

My muse for the next week of prompts comes from physics.  The prompt for December 8th is:


Brainstorming ...

baby's first kick
rocket launch
a rock skipping into a lake
the hammer of a carpenter
a horse pulling a wagon
your son pushing the lawn mower
a march for peace
Pearl Harbor or the day after
a dog ripping quilt batting out of the quilt
wind tugging at your hair
a beater making whipping cream
pushing a child on a swing
a bat hitting a ball
Trojan football
your finger pushing the embroidery needle
the comb in your hair
an electric toothbrush
an art movement
a political figure
a hurricane
falling rain
the ocean
a mother's love

My poem for this prompt:

deep breath   90 candles

- Deborah P Kolodji