November 30th, 2013

Egrets Reading

NaHaiWriMo - December prompter!

I'm pleased to announce I am going to be the December prompter for NaHaiWriMo.    NaHaiWriMo started as a haiku-a-day exercise on Facebook for February, the shortest month.  However, it proved so popular that it continues year round, with a different prompter per month.

I will be the prompter for December 2013.   I will be posting prompts in the "December prompt note" in the Facebook group, but will also post them here in my blog as well as on twitter.   The twitter hashtag is #nahaiwrimo.

For the first week of December, I am using geometry for my inspiration and will post a different shape each day this week.   Although your haiku can use the name of the shape in the haiku, it doesn't have to.  You can write about ANYTHING the prompt makes you think of.

The prompt for December 1st is arc.

This could be a fly ball, a football punt, a fisherman's cast, a penny tossed in a wishing well, a stone skipped on a lake, a falling star, or anything arc-shaped.

Here is my "arc" haiku:

dark chocolate
the radius
of your smile

     - Deborah P Kolodji