April 7th, 2013

Egrets Reading

Yesterday's haiku workshop....

Even though we had a small turnout, yesterday's haiku workshop at the Huntington Beach Central Library was productive and a lot of fun.  I brought about 25 haiku books from my personal collection and spread them out on the tables.   We talked a little bit about haiku in general, 5-7-5 vs less than 5-7-5, season words, cuts, juxtaposition, etc.

We picked a few haiku from the books I brought and put them on the whiteboard for discussion.

We then brainstormed some seasonal references to write to, and came up with the following list:

lengthening days
longer hours
later sunset
tomato plants
pastel dresses
new campaigns
spring break
testing season
income taxes
April Fool's
cherry blossoms

We all wrote haiku to these, then workshopped them.  The haiku written during the workshop will be on display in the library for National Poetry Month.

I finished up with the "mystery kigo" exercise, using "spring birdsong" as the kigo.   Here is mine:

the freeway
unexpectedly clear
spring birdsong

I was lucky that freeway was clear, or I would have been late.   Sometimes getting to the workshop is the actual challenge.  One poet, who happens to live in Orange County, ended up at the Huntington Library in Pasadena instead of the much closer (to her) Huntington Beach Central Library on Talbert Street!

The lure of The Huntington is strong.