September 19th, 2012


Haiku Pacific Rim 2012

While it was 100 degrees in Los Angeles, I drove north with fellow haiku poets, Naia, and Genie Nakano to the Monterey Peninsula where it was a pleasant 68 degrees all week long. We all attended Haiku Pacific Rim, which was hosted by the Yuki Teikei Society and the Haiku Poets of Northern California at Asilomar.

For those of you who missed this wonderful assembly of haiku poets from all over the world (there were about 70 attendees total - poets from Japan, Australia, India, the Yukon Territories of Canada, Boston, Santa Fe, Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, as well as the expected contingents from Northern and Southern California), poets Alan Pizzarelli and Donna Beaver have produced an episode of the Haiku Chronicles, filmed at Asilomar.

The episode features Dr. Akito Arima, the keynote speaker of the conference. Dr. Arima, a nuclear physicist known for the interacting boson model, is also the leader of Ten'i, a prominent haiku group in Japan.

The link to the podcast is here:

During Dr. Akito's visit to the conference, representatives from various poetry groups presented him an award for his contributions to the Internationalization of Haiku.

photo by Patrick Gallagher

right to left:
Deborah P Kolodji, Southern California Haiku Study Group
Fay Aoyagi
Katherine Munro, Haiku Canada
Susan Antolin, Haiku Poets of Northern California
Dr. Akito Arima
Jerry Ball, Haiku Pacific Rim Conference
Alison Woolpert and Patricia Machmiller, Yuki Teikei Haiku Society