February 5th, 2012

Canada Goose

NaHaiWriMo week #1

Some writers think in plots. I think in images. While I have managed to write a short story here and there, the novel continues to escape me.

As an alternative for those of us who don't think in novels when NaNoWriMo comes around in November, there is NaHaiWriMo for February!

Since February is the shortest month, why not celebrate it by writing in the shortest genre of poetry - haiku! Even if you are late to the party, it is still not too late to commit to writing a haiku a day for February.

There is a facebook community where a daily prompt is given. Michael Dylan Welch is posting the prompts under the graphic for February on the facebook page. Most people are also posting the prompt with their haiku, so it's not hard to figure out the prompt. He has decided to do the prompts in alphabetical order.

There is a bit of an overlap in time zones. Poets are participating from various parts of the world, so while I'm finishing my haiku for February 5th, people elsewhere are already working on the prompt for February 6th.

There is also a facebook group for haiku in French and one for haiku in Spanish.

Here's a wrap up of what I've written so far:

Feb 1 - apple

apple peels
by the slow cooker
an unfilled prescription

Feb 2 - boat

cold moon
the boat from Catalina
ten minutes late

Feb 3 - catfish

mud cats
lurk in the shallows
my broken line

Feb 4 - dog

trip to the ER
my mother's springer spaniel

Feb 5 - egg

I talk you talk
neither of us listens...
scrambled eggs

I hope this will inspire you to try it yourself! For those who want a head start (or are in a different time zone), the prompt for February 6th is frame.