November 2nd, 2011

Egrets Reading

Another year, another haiku anthology!

Billie Dee has outdone herself this year. She has just finished the final touches to the Southern California Haiku Study Group 2011 Anthology, scent of rain. I've seen the PDF and cannot wait to see the finished books!

The title is taken from a haiku by Naia:

storming for days...
still, there's something about
the scent of rain

- Naia
originally published in Simply Haiku 4:3, Autumn 2006

The stunning cover and interior photography is by Valerie Samuel Henderson

Olga García gathered Spanish language haiku from Southern California and Baja California, translating them for us. And Billie, wearing several hats besides editing this fine work of art, also designed the cover and did the layout.

The anthology contains work by Lynn Halley Allgood, Don Baird, Karina Balderrabano, Ashley Baldon, Jerry Ball, Marcia Behar, Tom Bilicke, Darrell Byrd, Peggy Castro, Phyllis Collins, Joan E. Day, Billie Dee, Marcyn Del Clements, D'ellen, Pauli Dutton, Kimberly Esser, Kendall Evans, Olga García, Maury Garnholz, Victor P. Gendrano, Risa Goldberg, Liz Goetz, Anita Guenin, William Hart, Maura Harvey, Margaret Hehman-Smith, Una Nichols Hynum, Gloria Jaguden, Oleg Kagan, D.J. Keddy, Patricia Kelly, Deborah P. Kolodji, Sean Kolodji, Elva Lauter, Marie Lecrivain, Gregory Longenecker, Eve Luckring, Janis Albright Lukstein, Seretta Martin, Frances Ruhlen McConnel,Aida Mendez, Christine Moore, Naia, Genie Nakano, Ruth Nolan, Victor Ortiz, Melinda Palacio, Wendy Rathbone, Beki Reese, Brosnan Rhodes, Susan Rogers, Dan Spurgeon, Melissa Spurr, Stevie Strang, Karen Stromberg, G. Murray Thomas, Beverly A. Tift, Megan Webster, Kath Abela Wilson, James Won, and Wendy Wright.