October 30th, 2011


White Horses and Unicorns

Yesterday, I attended the USC-Stanford football game. Today, I watched an equestrian Halloween parade. In both places I encountered white horses with amazing tolerance for the humans around them..

Yesterday's game at the Coliseum was electrifying. 92,000 people in the stands, everyone wearing red (Stanford's colors are red and white, ours are cardinal and gold), everyone staying until the very last moment of triple-overtime.

Of course, after every USC touchdown, in the middle of wild, noisy and energetic post-touchdown jubliation, the USC mascot, Traveler, always just runs his course along the perimeter of the USC side of the field, remarkably unfazed by tens of thousands of people waving two fingers his way, humming oooo-a-oooo." This gorgeous white horse also marches in Rose Parades and attends an assortment of public and private events (including banquets on the upper floors of hotels!),but never seems skittish or afraid.

Fast forward to today, where Mom and I watched horses (and riders) in Halloween costumes. There was the UPS horse, several zombie horses, a Harley Davison horse, and a couple of unicorns. One of the unicorns didn't seem particularly happy with his horn, but he did tolerate it for the duration of the little parade around the ring.

trick or treat
I feed a carrot
to a unicorn