October 16th, 2011



My mother and I went to the Seal Beach Pier in the afternoon. The sun glowed and shimmered on the water as we stood and watched willets peck in the sand for food in the wake of the waves.

ebb tide...
willet prints mark
newly exposed sand

The enormity of the ocean comforts me somehow. I feel smaller, yet, more in tune with my place in the cosmos.

ocean too big swimsuit too small

- Modern Haiku

While Mom and I explored, I noticed a seal statue at the beginning of the pier.

However, I am remembering a different statue. One big enough that all of my children could climb on it together. The statue I'm remembering wasn't on the pier, but I thought it was near the pier. Does anyone know where that seal statue might be?

the neighbor's car, larger...
the house we grew up in,