October 14th, 2011


Where did those clones of mine go?

Tomorrow is one of those days where I am supposed to be in a half dozen places and there is only one me to go around!

From 11 am to 5 pm, Pasadena is having an artwalk. There is a long list of potential interesting activities associated with that alone, but in addition:

At 2 pm, I am moderating the Southern California Haiku Study Group workshop at the Pacific Asia Museum.

At 3 pm, there is a reading of the latest Emerging Urban Poets chapbook, which contains my poem "Returning to Earth" at Maui Wowi.

At 4 pm, Webster's Fine Stationers in Altadena is hosting Wines For A Passionate Evening Of Poetry, with poetry readings by Judith Terzi and Linda Dove.

At 5 pm, there is a book launch party for Jack O'Spec at the Flintridge Bookstore. Many of the local spec poets will be there - Karen Romanko, Samantha Henderson, Kendall Evans, and more!

At 5 pm, Kathabela Wilson is hosting a salon in honor of Lana Hechtman Ayers, who is visiting from Seattle. Lana will be reading from her book, A New Red.

And all of this occurs on a day where I was hoping to be in Seabeck, Washington, at the annual Seabeck Haiku Getaway!

schedule conflicts...
my three clones
make their own plans