August 11th, 2011


One Perk of Attending HNA - the Haiku Book Bonanza

One of the perks of attending HNA is the haiku book room. In fact, almost every time I attend a haiku event anywhere, I come home with new books. At Haiku Circle, I came away with Cor van den Heuvel's new book of haibun, "A Boy's Season," Joyce Clement's beautiful chapbook, "Beyond My View," a copy of "A New Resonance 7: Emerging Voices in English Language Haiku", and two copies of "Upstate Dim Sum" from the Route 9 Haiku Group (issues 2010/II and 2011/I). So, if this is the damage from a one-day haiku event, you can imagine what might happen if I visit a haiku book room over four days....

"Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher's Guide to Writing Haiku and Related Literary Forms"
by Terry Ann Carter
"Haiku Wisdom" by Don Baird
"Even Before My Own Name" by Tracy Koretsky (long poems)
"Beyond the Reach of My Chopsticks" by Fay Aoyagi
"How to Paint the Finch's Song" by Carolyn Hall
"The Horse with One Blue Eye" by Cherie Hunter Day
"waking on the bridge" by Martin Shea
"Past All Traps" by Don Wentworth
"Seeing It Now" by Marjorie Buettner (haiku and tanka)
"third morning" by Kay F. Anderson (Red Moon Press Postcripts Vol 8)
"the closer we get" by D. Claire Gallagher (RMP Postscripts Vol 15)
"imaginary" by francine porad (RMP Postscripts Vol 5)
"upright in the washout" by William J. Higginson (RMP Postcripts Vol 9)
"Between the Chimes" by Charles Trumbull

...and of course, the conference anthology, "Standing Still" edited by Michael Dylan Welch
and Ruth Yarrow.

The book budget damage could have been a lot worse, but I already had a lot of the books that were available, for example, Cor's new book, Ce's books, Maggie's books, Susan Antolin's book, Penny Harter's book, etc., etc.

One thing I was eyeing - The Haiku Foundation has a gorgeous book of the Montage blog posts, but it was not for sale, exactly. It was free, with a $50 donation to the Haiku Foundation. I drooled over the book all week, but ultimately couldn't work it into the budget...this time!

I also came home with a stack of freebies...more on that later.