August 10th, 2011


Have haiku, will travel....

Tonight, Kathabela and Rick Wilson threw a nice poetry salon/birthday party at their Pasadena townhouse. I did a presentation called "Two Months in New England", which included a slideshow of photographs, haiku, tanka, haibun, and cinquains.

in New Hampshire….
the rain falls
and I fall
into the landscape

It occured to me that in the last couple of months, I've managed to work a lot of haiku into my travels.....

In addition to attending all of the Pasadena Southern California Haiku Study Group meetings except for May, I somehow managed to attend:

The Yuki Teikei Tea House Reading in San Jose (May)
Haiku Circle in Northfield, MA (June)
The Boston Haiku Society Meeting in Boston in June (on the day of the Stanley Cup parade)
Haiku North America in Seattle (August)

Long line of haiku poets queueing up for the banquet at the Space Needle

It's sort of addicting, this haiku travel.

midnight in LA...
even now,
airport traffic