July 17th, 2011


Haiku and Harry

Yesterday, I was NOT at ReaderCon, so I didn't get to see Claire Suzanne Elizabeth Cooney read her Rhysling winning poem, The Sea King's Second Bride. I've actually never attended ReaderCon, but since I spent so much of the past several weeks in Massachusetts, it looked for a while like I might actually be able to attend this year.

Yet, it was good to be home for the Southern California Haiku Study Group meeting. The koi were calmly swimming in the Courtyard Garden, the blue room was filled with haiku poets, and it was wonderful. Even though I moderated the meeting, I still was inspired enough to write four haiku and it really felt good to be there, home among friends.

Afterwards, Yvette and I went to see Harry Potter with family friends. Dr. Abigail Elliott, who just recently graduated from vet school (yay!), was the person solely responsible for hooking us on Harry Potter in the first place, so it seemed appropriate to see it with her and her parents.

As for the movie, I totally loved it. It was perfect.