November 28th, 2010


Seabeck Haiku Getaway - Day 4 (Nov 7)

When I go to haiku conferences and retreats, I seem to enter an envelope of time where the clock moves at a different rate. Somehow, the last day always sneaks up before I am ready to go home.

the one day
on time for breakfast...
daylight savings time

The extra hour we gained by setting our clocks back on Sunday still didn't quite compensate for the extra hours I coveted. For example, where do these stairs go? I never found out!

After breakfast, Christopher Herold led a presentation and workshop on “The Seasons in Kigoless Haiku,” where participants were given emotions and asked to assign a season to them. Then, we read various haiku without kigo and asked what emotions they evoked and what seasons we felt they were associated with.

This was a really interesting exercise. For example, what season is anger? I thought it was summer. What about bliss? I felt it was spring.

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