August 6th, 2010


Haiku Cruising....

On Sunday, members of the Southern California Haiku Study Group boarded an electric duffy boat for a ginko cruise of the Naples Canals in Long Beach.   Having grown up in Long Beach, it surprised me that many people have told me they didn't know there were canals there.  

over the water
where are you tonight?

We had met at the home of Wendy and Tom Wright for pizza and a short haiku workshop before walking a few blocks to the public boat dock, where Tom docked the rental boat.  In addition to Wendy, Tom, and myself,  Billie Dee, Genie Nakano, Susan Rogers, Oleg Kagan, Marcyn Del Clements, Ruth Nolan, Michael, Christine Moore, Janis Lukstein, and Maury Garnholz were on board.  Margaret Hehman-Smith had been with us earlier but didn't stay for the cruise.

Wendy and I had timed this so that we were on the water at sunset and the palette of colors reflected in the gentle currents amazed and inspired me.   At the beginning the water looked like molten metal, then it softened to yellows.  At one point we were afloat in a sea of pink.

Afterwards, we walked back to Wendy and Tom's, ate cookies and shared what we had written.  It's been several days now and I'm still writing haiku and tanka about it. 

it's five o'clock
the name of a boat
by a private dock

         - Deborah P Kolodji