August 3rd, 2010


Trying to find that quiet moment....

There's this perception of a haiku poet as someone who sits quietly and communes with nature. While I admit I do enjoy doing this, the reality is that I'm the product of a major metropolitan area. This means that I often find my little moments of quiet in the midst of utter chaos.

I have sat in traffic snarls on the 10 freeway and watched the planes circle the Staples center and begin to line up for ultimate descent at LAX. I have ducked into the Los Angeles Arboretum for a 20 minute walk en route to a poetry reading elsewhere.

And I often create my own chaos by keeping myself so busy doing things that you'd think I'd never have time to write about any of it. (And, sometimes I don't!)

But when those quiet moments come - they are moments to savor.

Yesterday was a magical day. I could write that I sailed on a sea of molten liquid and watched the sunset as pelicans flew overhead.

I could also write that I was on an electric duffy with 12 other people (i.e. 13 people on a boat designed for 12) which dipped suddenly to the portside when someone said they saw moon jellies and all the other poets on board leaned over to look, too.

Both would be true.

There was laughter and conversation on the boat. At one point, we practiced the lyrics for "That's Amore" in case we ran into a gondola. We joked about names of boats that were moored to the docks.

But, yet, somehow we managed to write haiku in the midst of all this...

We scheduled the ginko cruise so we'd be on the boat at sunset and the colors of the water were amazing. It will take me a while to sort out all the images, but poems are brewing on the horizon.