July 26th, 2010


Haiku under the Full Moon

I seem to be at a poetic vortex of haiku lately. Yesterday, there was the haiku reading with Naia at the Claremont Library, which meant that we stayed up to about 4 am the night before coordinating our poems.

Yesterday was also the beginning of a new week at Daily Haiku where I am the featured poet:


Today, the mail carrier brought me the latest copy of bottle rockets, which contains two of my haiku.

Also in my mailbox were copies of the sound of poets cooking, edited by Richard Krawiec. This book is a collection of poems about food as well as recipes. There are several pages of haiku with poems by Roberta Beary, Ellen Compton, Susan Delphine Delaney, Deborah Finkelstein, and Chad Lee Robinson, but the majority of the poems, including the ones by Lenard D. Moore and myself, are longer free verse.

Upcoming? A ginko boat cruise in the Naples area of Long Beach on Sunday. A haiku reading in San Francisco in August....