June 17th, 2010


Rhysling Crunch Time....

The box of Rhysling Anthologies came yesterday and they're gorgeous. While I wait for the May/June issues of Star*Line (which the SFPA Treasurer said I would be fiscally irresponsible NOT to ship at the same time), I'm printing ballots and labels.

My hope is to have them all in the mail by this weekend.

I did mail two anthologies to members I know are not on the internet and presumably have been unable to download the PDF for voting purposes. It cost $8.84 to mail the anthology to England and $2.24 to mail it to a neighboring state. Unfortunately, I forgot to have the clerk weigh them with an old issue of Star*Line to get an idea what the final package weight will be.

In the meantime, the Rhysling Anthology is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.