April 12th, 2010


Daily Haiku

The winter storm that we've been hearing about for two days has finally hit Southern California. As I listen to the torrent of rain on my roof and my fingers type a shower of clicks on my keyboard, it occurs to me that this is a haiku moment I've written about before.

It's sort of like hospital haiku. Because I've spent the last eight days visiting my mother in the hospital, this is becoming a tired subject. I've written about the patients who hang out near the hospital entrance in the designated smoking area, complete with gowns and IV's. I've written about flowers that aren't allowed in ICU wards. I've written about beeping monitors. After a while, how do you find something fresh to say?

Yet I think the possibility of something fresh is always out there, it just sometimes takes longer to figure it out.

Daily haiku writing keeps me sane. Sometimes the poems aren't worth keeping, other times I have to restrain myself from prematurely submitting them. But, regardless of whether I decide to share my daily scribbles, the act of noticing and writing about things helps keep me focused on what is really important in my life.

And, if my life becomes a wait in a hospital room for a while, that's what I write about. Some of these musings become too personal to share, others may not mean anything to anyone but me. Mom came home today, so hopefully I've written the last of the hospital haiku for a while.

Speaking of daily haiku, there's a web journal called Daily Haiku which features a group of poets for a six month cycle. Each poet is featured for a week at a time. I'm pleased to announce that I will be one of the contributors for Cycle 9, along with fellow speculative poet Ann K. Schwader.