April 10th, 2010


Poetry and Cookies

Each April, there are dozens of extra poetry readings in honor of National Poetry Month. One annual local reading is "Poetry and Cookies" at the Altadena Library, organized and hosted each year by Pauli Dutton. This happens today at 2 pm at the library, 600 East Mariposa Street, Altadena. This year, 51 poets are expected.

2:00 Welcome
2:05 Poet Laureate inauguration and reading by Alene Terzian

2:15 First half of poets in alphabetical order by last name with a few changes.
Mina Kirby Placed 2nd in Poet Laureate Award
Jaron Williams
fHannah (Faith Bell Jackson)
Erika Wilk
Lynn Allgood
Khadija Anderson
Michelle Angelini
Theresa Antonia
Lyssa Axeen
Marcia Behar
Bozana Belokosa
Stephanie Bertucci
Moussa Bongoyok
Jack G. Bowman
Leah Brown
CaLokie aka Carl Stilwell
Don Kingfisher Campbell
Barbara Cogswell
Pat Cross
Pauli Dutton
Richard Dutton
Lynn Fayne
Kathia Arutinian Flores
Betty J. Ford
Helen Graziano

2:53 Drawing
2:55 Intermission

3:05 Second group of poets:
Nickie H
Randel Horton
Gilberto Hurtado
Scott C. Kaestner
Karen Audioun Klingman
Deborah P. Kolodji
Donald Krotser
Steven R. Kutcher
Jean Loberg
Janis Albright Lukstein
Mira N. Mataric
Jill Meunier
Cliff Moore
Naim Muthleb
Toti O'Brien
Susan Rogers
Michelle Y. Smith
Zahava Sweet
Sylvia Syms*
Rosalee Thompson
Maja Trochimczyk
Lori Wall-Holloway
Esther S. Watkins
Jaron Williams
Kath Abela Wilson

3:45 Open Mic –one short poem
3:50 Second Drawing & Closing
4:00 - 4:30 Poets sell their chapbooks and socialize

And yes, there will be cookies!