February 5th, 2010


where the wind turns

It's raining outside again - what a perfect evening to curl up with a book of haiku! So how fortunate that today I received my copy of where the wind turns, the 2009 Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku.

As usual, there are many, many familiar names. The Southern California poets this year are Eve Luckring and myself as well as Jerry Ball, who by founding the Southern California Haiku Study Group is still an honorary Southern Californian in my eyes.

Representing the speculative poetry community (though with mainstream poems) are Joshua Gage, Greg Schwartz, and myself.

I've just started to read bits and pieces of it. The haibun by Bill Higginson, which was written a few days before his death and published posthumously in Frogpond, brought tears to my eyes all over again.