January 26th, 2010


Winter in California

Some say that Southern California doesn't have a winter. Local poet Sharon Hawley recently spent two months in International Falls, Minnesota because she felt she had never experienced it. Her adventures are detailed on her blog:


When San Jose haiku poet Patricia Machmiller issued an invitation for a haiku workshop at her Monterey Dunes Colony beach house on the topic of "Deeper into the Seasons II: Winter," fellow Southern California Haiku Study Group member Wendy Wright and I were intrigued. As Wendy put it, "I don't have a lot of winter haiku. Do you? Winter lasts, what, three weeks in Southern California?"

And it's true I have notebooks and notebooks of spring/summer/autumn haiku but very few winter haiku. So on Saturday, Wendy and I set off to discover winter in California. We didn't have far to go. As we left Los Angeles behind us, there was snow on both sides of the I-5 in Gorman.

As we approached the Frazier Park exit, there was a long line of cars on the offramp. Families were taking their children to "see the snow." In Southern California, snow can become a sudden weekend tourist destination.

mountain traffic jam...
a line of pickup trucks
bringing home the snow

Collapse )

I now have a notebook of winter haiku.