December 22nd, 2009



Last Thursday my contributor's copy of Illumen arrived. I had forgotten which poem was in it so I flipped through the pages, re-discovering "Sea Temple," a poem I wrote after a Southland Poets of the Fantastic outing at Point Loma.

I can't believe it's been two years since seajules and I happily explored tidepools, while unknown to us, Billie Dee and Terrie Relf were freezing on the cliff tops. Later Chris Vera got totally drenched by a sudden downpour trying to find us minutes after we left the area bound for Panera Bread.

The poem was inspired by this rock formation:

I placed the journal on my kitchen table and started looking through a stack of mail, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the cover. "An Interview with Deborah P Kolodji," it said.

I did a doubletake, but it still said the same thing. Interview?

Then I remembered the e-mail interview I did with Daniel C. Smith surely an eon ago...