November 8th, 2009


Ginko Walk at Bolsa Chica

Yesterday the Southern California Haiku Study Group went on a ginko walk (a haiku walk) to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Ten poets accepted the challenge for a morning of wildlife adventure - Peggy Castro, Margaret Hehman-Smith, G. Murray Thomas, Kathabela Wilson, Rick Wilson, Sharon Hawley, Genie Nakano, Christine Moore, Wendy Wright, and myself.

Upon our arrival at Bolsa Chica, there was immediate pelican action.

by low flying pelicans
I shrink

The los Amigos de Bolsa Chica volunteer organization hosts a free first Saturday "tour." This consists of five stations on or near the bridge covering birds of Bolsa Chica, endangered species of Bolsa Chica, ecology of Bolsa Chica, history of Bolsa Chica, and restoration efforts of Bolsa Chica. There was a ten minute talk at each station. We decided to listen to the first three volunteers and then proceed on our walk. We became immediately famous because when Phil Smith, the first volunteer, asked us why we were at Bolsa Chica, I told him we were there to write haiku. This was a first for them. He quickly notified the other stations so that when we arrived, they would ask "Are you the poets?"

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