October 25th, 2009


Poetry and Pelicans

Today Wendy Wright and I went to hear B.H. Fairchild read from his latest book of poetry Usher at the dA Center for the Arts. He also read poems from earlier books, The Art of the Lathe and Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest.

The title poem for the latter is online. It was a wonderful afternoon of poetry, although I was disappointed that none of his books were available for purchase. I would have bought at least one - I enjoyed his reading that much.

An open mic followed but Wendy and I didn't participate. I've never seen a venue charge poets to read at the open mic before. I don't always get paid for the readings I do, although I have on occasion. But the idea of paying someone so I can read a poem bothers me a lot.

I would have gladly spent $25 for a copy of Usher, but $6 to read my own poem? No.

After I left Wendy's house, I walked around nearby Bolsa Chica and watched the pelicans...the perfect way to end the day.

a fish jumps
in sunset-splashed wetlands...
the pelican sees it, too